Captains Flat Run
Sunday 15/7/07


Run Report for Captains Flat run
Sunday 15/7/07

A very cold and foggy morning greeted us in Queanbeyan as we met up at Supercheap Auto car park. The meeting time was 10am and despite the cold weather, a couple of members braved it and turned up anyway. Pat met us at the car park even though was not going on the run. It’s great to see there are still members keen enough to turn up at the departure even when not going on a run to wish us good luck.. Goodonya Pat. A nice thought

At 10.15am we departed for the flat. The fog broke about half way out there to reveal a lovely sunny warm day.

On our arrival at the flat we found the coffee shop to be closed. Sheeeesh! Never mind we thought, we’ll head for Braidwood instead and spend longer there. Just as we were making a move to get in our cars, The publican (Sean) from the pub across the road came over and struck up conversation about the Torries and the many treasures he has collected over the years. We rambled for what seemed like ages. At one point he invited us over to the pub for a free Coffee. We sat outside in the warm sun talking to Sean and his partner Michelle for at least another hour. We could have stayed all day. So relaxing. Anyway, things started to get a little busy in the pub so we thought time to move on, so we saddled up and made our way to Braidwood.

The couple that own the pub out there are the friendliest couple I’ve met in a long time. Really nice people. So If you ever get over to “The Flat”, pop in and see Sean and Michelle and tell them your from the Canberra Torana Club or any car club for that matter, and I am sure they will make you more than welcome.

We headed out on the Braidwood road which within about 3 K’s turned to dirt. It was a well graded road however and was as smooth as any bitumen species There was very little dust as the morning dew had soaked into the ground giving it a damp appearance.

Alan thought he was back in the speedway days and was busy playing on the corners.

Another 10 or so k’s further on we turned left and headed into Braidwood. Nice black bitumen and no Traffic. Time to blow the cobwebs away. And blow them away we did.
At one stage I thought we were going into hyperspace!

Had lunch at the Royal café in the main street. Fantastic burgers and chips. Yum!

After lunch we headed for Bungandore where we visited the Leather shop and yes another coffee. Takes me back to when I was a kid in the 60’s and the times I went my brother on his motorbike café racing. It is a really good way to spend a Sunday arvo.

After the brief stop in Bungandore it was back to Queanbeyan Where we said our farewells and goodbye’s.

We got back at about 4.15pm.

One of the runs I would say for the car and driving enthusiast. A good way to see how the car was running and at the same time see some beautiful local countryside.

It was good to see Andrew get his car on the road. It has some nice little goodies on it. It needs a little cosmetic work doing on the nose cone and Pat, myself and Allan have offered to do a bit of a working bee on it. If any other members wish to give a hand I am sure Andrew will appreciate it.

Anyway that’s about it. Don’t forget to check out the Photos.

Almost forgot. Check out Al’s new bobtail paint job. Spot the difference?

Thanks to the following members for there attendance and support.

Allan LX Torana.
Andrew LX Torana

A special thanks to Pat for turning up and to Sean and Michelle from the Captains Flat Pub for there hospitality.

We will be back Jack!


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