Woolongong Car Show
Kembla Grange Race Course

25th June 2006

It was an early cold foggy departure from Canberra. Trevor and Pat met up at the Gateway Service Station, with Alan and Andrew along for the ride. We took refuge in the service station shop it was so cold. We started to head off at 6:30am, and were met by John in his LJ, making a terrible racket.

We leant him some tools to tighten up the exhaust, but on inspection, there was no muffler to be seen. We sent John back to the Glenlock Interchange to retrieve his muffler, which is where it first started making the noise.

By the time he'd retrieved the muffler and returned, Lawrie, Phil and Vish arrived in Lawrie's VT Commodore. We temporarily wired and fastened John's muffler back in place, and headed off into the white mist for Wollongong.

The trip was fairly uneventful, stopping off in Goulburn so John could pick up his sister and her two little fellas, the rest of the gang grabbing breakfast at McDonalds. We pushed on for Wollongong, Alan taking the reigns of Trevor's L34 till the Wollongong turnoff.

Next stop was the Pie Shop at Robertson where we were greeted by a flock of motorcyclists and the two guys from the South Coast Nationals and their cars, also destined for Wollongong.

Next was Macquarie Pass, a great drive, although we'd later find out that Steve was very concerned because it has been resealed. It was still a great drive. Half way down we came across an unmarked police car, lights ablaze chasing a motorcyclist. The only problem was that there were four or five cars between the motorcyclist and the police car. Not good odds on the narrow Macquarie Pass.

Arriving in Wollongong, we tried to meet Marie at the wrong Shell Service Station. Made contact and agreed to meet at the venue. Not being pre-registered, we were delegated to the car park out the front, which wasn't too bad in the end. As per usual, the Torries attracted a good deal of interest. It was a good show, with a great variety of cars, but alas no trophies this year. Congratulations to Barry from Cootamundra who took out the longest distance travelled in his LC GTR.

We did our own thing for a bit, before all meeting again at the Service Station at Albion Park for the trip home. Meeting up with John, and his mate Dave and Lauren in a black Merc for the trip back up the pass.

Back out on the highway we passed a horse float on its side, police everywhere, and no horse in sight. We travelled on and dined at McDonalds at Marulen for dinner. Back on the road, we stopped again in Goulburn so John could drop off his sister. After a short wait, we were back on the road and headed for home. Again at Lake George, traffic came to a stop, and a host of red and blue flashing lights again. A truck carrying trusses and timber had caught fire.

We eventually rolled into town at about 8:00pm, another trip done.

Members Attending:

Trevor & Alan L34

Pat & Andrew LH SL/R 5000

John, Deb and sons LJ

Steve, Maree, James, Michelle, Casey & Eve VS Commodore

Lawrie, Vish & Phil VT Commodore

Dave & Lauren Mercedes Benz

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