Gundaroo Run - Cork Street Café
Mothers Day

Sunday 8th of May 2005

Bryan's UC

Shaun's LX

KFC Fyshwick carpark

Kevin & Luke's LJ

Gundaroo carpark

Maree & kids

Trevor and Gaz

Ordering our pizzas

Playing pool

Groupshot 1

Groupshot 2

Groupshot 3

Phils SS

308 hatch

Sam and Phil's cars

Gundaroo Run – Cork Street Café – 8 May 2005

We met at KFC Fyshwick at 11:00am. Although chilly earlier on, those with the black club shirts felt the sun's presence. From this early point, it was going to be one of our bigger runs. Kevin, Luke and a friend dropped in to the rendezvous point, to farewell the gaggle of cars.

Shaun led us off for the run, one of the first that he has led. He did a sterling job, getting us to Gundaroo for lunch, albeit with the odd misguided turn, and some assistance from Phil. I'm sure that Shaun will agree, there's a bit more to being the run leader than just following the car in front. Well done for tackling the task, we all appreciated your efforts.

LJ was struck with engine problems, when the engine ingested a carburettor base gasket creating an extremely lean fuel mix, complete with loud backfiring. Lawrie, Trevor and Steve stayed back, and sourced a new gasket, and met us at Gundaroo later. A top effort by John undertaking a full engine rebuild himself prior to the run, with help from Rick. The future of the Club depends on our younger people gaining skills, and it is quite good to see them develop. Keep up the good work John, I'm sure today just added to your knowledge.

Upon arriving in Gundaroo, Sam accidentally locked his keys in the car, asking a question about tyres fouling guards. Sam is another of our young members eager to learn how to keep the old girls running right. As a bonus, he found out not only how to fix the guard problem, but also how to break into the Torana, with a stunning display from Amanda with a piece of packing tape.

The food at the Cork Street Café, was as we have come to expect, superb and punctual. We got the large room at the back again, which we had no trouble filling, especially once our Road Repair Assistance Team (Road RAT's) arrived. The cafe just seems to get busier and busier each and every year, one of the areas little gems.

After lunch, we retired to the pub across the road, whose front veranda was bathed in beautiful warm sunshine, to the point that it was warmer outside than in. We sat and caught up, and snuck in the odd game of pool, while we caught glimpses of the V8 Supercar race. Last year the pub was under renovation, so we were treated to what the owner terms as “close” to the final product.

We formed up in the setting afternoon sun for shots of the cars, prior to heading our separate way home in dribs and drabs. It was great to see Imogen mobile. How quickly they grow up.

All in all, a very relaxing Mother's Day. Happy Mothers Day all mums, especially the club mum who took a well deserved break today, Jan.

Peeps & Cars Attending

Kevin Luke & Friend – LJ

Shaun & Vanessa - LX

Jason, Tanya & Madison – LX Hatch

Phil & Jamie – LX Hatch

Lawrie Tane & Imogen – LX Hatch

Bryan – UC

Mike Amanda & Nathan – LH

Pat Robyn Madeline Emily & Ainslie – LH

Sam & Gale – LH

Trevor & Gary – LH

John Joe & Rick – LH

Steve & Casey – LJ Coupe

Jan Pops & James – Ford Falcon

Maree Michelle Eve & Cas

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