Gundaroo Pub Run
26th June 2011


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CTC Gundaroo Pub Run

Well what an awesome day. Just like the run out to Orroral Tracking
station we had about a dozen or so cars drive out to Gundaroo Pub for a
counter lunch.

We kicked off by meeting up at the BP Servo on the Federal Highway
coming into town. Again it looked like it was going to be a cracker of
a day! We headed off at around 11.00am with a snacking trail of
Torana's heading up the highway. It took us all about half an hour to
get to our destination. Once we arrived we all parked out the front of
the pub and managed to fill the carpark up with Toranas which looked a
treat. We then settled into some idle chit chat until the pub offically

As soon as the doors opened we all pilled in for a nice hearty counter
meal. The menu ticked all the boxes and was well priced and had a great
amount of variety, from steaks to burgers, lamb cutlets and even fish
and chips. I had to have the burger with the lot. It was very tasty
and it even filled my bottomless pit!

After lunch we all sat around outside in the sun and shared a quiet
beer. The locals loved the torana's and and were very friendly. The
managers of the Pub were also very accommodating and made sure we were
all comfortable. It made for a nice relaxing afternoon.

It was also reportadly Joe's first official run in a torana after being
a member for 7-8 years. Can't rush these things can we Joe! Glad you
finally got the beast out and about...

At around 2.00pm I had to head off home. It was a great day all round.
A big thanks to Gundaroo Pub for hosting our club. We'll be back again
for sure.

Thanks also to all those that attended today. Good to see so many
Torana's out and about mid Winter....

CTC Run Coordinator.

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