Tuggeranong Hyperdome Display
Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th of April 2007


Run Report for Tuggeranong Hyperdome April 7 & 8

Saturday Morning we gathered outside the entry to the Hyperdome. Grahams car off the trailer and the doors of the building open we idled into the centre court area.

We set the cars in position with mandatory mats under each wheel, and with drip trays in place, we proceeded to assemble Trevor’s erection! And what an erection it was. Bright red in colour and long and fat. Just have a look at the photo’s. I think the new banner poles he and I constructed look fantastic. Well done Trevor!

With cars and banner up, we took the necessary photos before the onslaught of questions from the general public starting to fill the Hyperdome.

The cars as usual generated a lot of interest. This time however it was different. The admiration and questions were coming from a different profile of on-looker. Usually it is your average rev head or enthusiast that talks in terms of paint codes and ID tags. This time however the questions were coming from every day folk who probably don’t go to many car shows. People were genuinely interested in the cars and what the club did. As a PR exercise it couldn’t have gone any better.

For most of the 2 days, members answered questions of people or sat around talking cars with each other. Al’s impersonation of a Mutant Ninja Turtle stuck on it’s back was very impressive. I’ve got to say the time past very quickly. No sooner were we in than we were driving out again. The company was fantastic very friendly and we had a lot of laughs!

I would like to take the opportunity of thanking a few people who helped. Firstly the Hyperdome for the generous donation of the commercial space we took up. This would normally cost about $3,000, not that they had anyone to fill it. I guess they still could have said no to us. So a big thanks to them. Thanks also to Marty for offering his car even though in the end we did not need it. Also to Trevor’s sister for her offer of her car

Thanks also to the members who came down to fly the flag, even though they did not have cars there. Their presence was appreciated.

A big big thanks however to the members who put their cars on display and stayed for the whole 2 days.

Trevor’s L34 as usual was a great talking point. A fine example of an original L34.

Bret’s 427 powered A9X was also a car that caught the eye of most passers by. What excellent example of engineering!

Al’s car looked fantastic boasting his Injected conversion!

And last but certainly not least, Graham’s 355 stroker LJ. I can’t wait to see this car go when it is finished.

Thanks again to those members for displaying their cars. You were great ambassadors. Your efforts greatly assisted the club to achieve a higher profile in the community and to lift the image of the club overall.

I think this event was very worthwhile for the club as a PR exercise. It generate a lot of interest in the club not just the cars. It was very enjoyable to sit in the air con of the Hyperdome and be able to go for a stroll to look around. A very relaxing weekend.

We should defiantly do this again.


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