Market Run to Sydney
6th of August 2005

A cold start for our trip to Sydney on the Monaro Coaches bus with Terry and Helen. We headed off for Sydney at around 5:40am , leaving Jan and Al's place looking like a used car lot. In all we had 58 people on board. The trip up there offered the opportunity to run the first of the raffles.

We made the Parklea Markets at about 10:00am , with 58 of us scurrying off in different directions to start seeking out those bargains, meeting up and seeing people in various different sections of the Markets during the day.

We jumped back on the bus at 2:00pm for the trip to the Direct Factory Outlet in Hombush. Terry had managed to secure a gift pack for the Club being a bus trip, and that along with the remainder of items would become the raffle prizes for the trip home. We arrived back at about 10:00pm.

An assortment of purchases where made during the day including swords, remote control cars, clothes (lots of clothes), laser lights and a remote control UFO, which at one stage looked like it was going to land on the roof of the bus. Judging by the size of some of the bags, there are bound to be some “Please explains” on the return home.

A very big thankyou to Jan and Rose for organising the event on our behalf. A job very well planned and executed. Also thankyou for all those who attended.

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