Marques in the Park

21st November 2004



Bretts A9X


Matt's Hatch

Phil's SS Hatch

Matts Hatch

Jeremy's SL/R 5000

Mark's LX

Mike's LC 2 Door

Rod's SL/R 5000

Pat's SL/R 5000

Steve's LJ 327

Kevin's LJ

Deans LH

Gerry's SL/R 5000

Laurie's SS Hatch



Apparently we were only going to have 6 six cars coming along. Well, we proved that rumor wrong with no fewer than 10 cars leaving from the rendezvous point, another 3 cars that met us as Old Parliament House, and other stragglers that joined us throughout the day due to different commitments. At the end of the day, we smashed the previous biggest run with 20 cars in total, 15 Toranas.

The morning started off fairly fresh at KFC on Canberra Avenue , where we drove on to Old Parliament House. It wasn't long before we got there, and we were off again. Jeremy failed to join the bunch due to a dead battery.

A poor police officer sitting on the Cotter Road thought all his Christmas's came at once when a trail of Toranas, and FJ's approached. I've never seen one move so fast to set up his radar. Alas, we were all within the posted limit, what a waist of donut based energy.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful, all arriving at John Knight Memorial Park at around 10:00am.

We got our usual spot, which, as per last year, meant that we saw very little of the kids on the day, who quickly vanished amongst the play equipment. What was also startling was the lack of accidents and crying kids returning from the playground.

There was great many a car on display, and a most perfect day for it, not too hot, and not to cold, although an intermittent fresh wind was present now and then.

We settled down for lunch, bit of a natter, and headed off home. Very, very relaxing, with the cars, as usual, attracting a great deal of attention.

Thanks for the enjoyable day, a total of 38 people, including 13 kids, a point that was commented on by some of the Council of ACT Motor Club committee members.

Laurie and Trevor sent their apologies for the day due to work and other family commitments (it could have been 21 cars).

A special thankyou to Laurie for letting us use his car to tow the club trailer and BBQ (I went easy on it!), ensuring that the gang didn't go hungry, and to Jan for organizing the food for the BBQ. Well done.


Phil LX
Pat Laurie's LX SS Hatch + Trailer

Gerry, Belinda, Melanie & Jamie LX

Dean & Greg LX

Kevin LJ

Steve & Casey LJ

Jeremy LH

Robyn, Madeline, Emily & Ainslie LH

Rod & Michael LH

Mike, Amanda & Nathan LC

Mark, Maree, Jacob & Luke LX

Matt LX 350 Chev Hatch

Brett LX Hatch

John LH

Guest Blue LJ with pink engine bay

Jan Falcon

Maree, James, Michelle & Eve VK Commodore

Marty & Lisa Daily Driver

Rose Quickfit Tyre Centre Belconnen VY Ute

Sam Dropped off

Run Report by : Pat



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