McHappy Day Queanbeyan

10th May 2003

John cleaning
Laurie's A9X

to the Manager

The Banner Is Up!!!

Setup Finally

Interested Onlookers

A Great Turnout


Laurie Serving

Laurie, Nathan
& Jan Serving

Cameron & Joe Cooking

Joe Cooking

Collecting Donations

Finished For The Day!!

McHappy Day Run Report

The morning was fresh, and the cars (those parked outside for the evening) were covered in dew; McHappy Day we were on our McWay!

By 09:00 hrs, the first contingent of Torana’s grouped at Mike & Amanda’s … not forgetting little Nathan’s place. Nathan a regular to Ronald McDonald House in Sydney, thus being the driving reason to support McHappy Day.

We set off for a few detours along the way. First stop was the Harriott’s, where LJ was to pick up a footy, then onto Phil’s to allow him to change into his new club shirt. We also met up with Cameron and his new LC along the way.

We cruised on into Queanbeyan, and rolled slowly down busy Uriarra Rd into McDonald’s, where we were greeted by Pat, Lawrie & Heather. We formed a line down the bottom of the car park, and sealed off the area using witches hats.

Everyone was madly cleaning and polishing vehicles, and adding finishing touches for the days display. After the hard work had been completed, some of us headed up to get a feed while there was still 10 minutes left of the breakfast session. Some held off as they knew the Big Mac’s weren’t far away.

The first few hours that lead up to lunch time were a little slow and quiet, yet we were getting lots of looks, and McDonald’s were selling plenty of Big Mac’s. Finally the lunch rush was on, and not only were the McDonalds staff run off their feet, but so were the club members, answering questions and expressions of interest towards the club.

From here on in, the day went quite quick. We rounded up the money we had fundraised for Ronald McDonald House. The Manager from McDonalds made her way down to the display after an extremely busy day, where Pat and Lawrie passed on the proceeds we had raised throughout the day, a total of $55.00.

We were invited to have a go at flipping burger patties, which of course the phrase “Patty McGagel” was to be heard from the mouths of numerous members.

Most members took up the offer not realising what they had just got themselves into. Lozza was busy on the other side of the counter serving Big Mac’s … something that must have felt strange to him! Cam and Patty were flipping burgers, Mike & Lj were given the bucket and told to McHarrass customers going through the drive through! An easy $100 must have been made in the space of 15 minutes!

The next time Mike and Lj were joined by Cam and Joe (not from the Mob). They told patrons that they were local McHoon’s, who’d been doing McBurnout’s in McTorana’s, and now doing McCommunity Service, which made people laugh, including one lady who said “If you blokes were doing burnouts in Tozza’s, then its worth donating to!” with a laugh “We’d been there 20 years ago…” she added.

Inside Little Nathan was busy spraying tables, and wiping them down with help from Jan. When everyone else had called it a day, Nathan was still hard at it. For his efforts, the Manager rewarded him by inviting him back behind the counter, and allowing him make a McSundae with chocy sauce, much to his excitement.

Phil decided that Mike’s car was to be the car of the month on the web site. With that the group dispersed into two. Mike’s LC and Amanda’s LH headed up the road along with Phil and his camera to do a photo shoot, while everyone else headed towards Patty McGagel’s (not his real name) to strip down the UC, donated to the club.

Once everyone had regrouped at Pat & Robyn’s, and Bryan had the parts for Project UC, it was decided to head into Hume and go fang some go-karts, which turned out to be no go, since the venue was already booked out by a whole heap of Mazda RX-7 drivers. After we’d all played on the link up Daytona 500 machines, blown the crap out of some tanks, and shot some pinball, it was decided to call it a day.

Thanks to Macca’s Queanbeyan for giving us the mutually rewarding opportunity to display our cars, and the generous discounts we all received on food and drinks throughout the day.

We look forward to displaying our cars and working with you … seeya next year!


Those Who Attendend
Laurie– LX A9X Hatchback
Pat – LH SL/R 5000
Trev & Joe – LH L34
Heather – LX Sedan
Gary – UC Sedan
Vish – LX Sedan
Amanda & Nathan – LH SL/R
Mike & Phil – LC Coupe
Lj, Jan, Bryan, – LH Sedan
Cameron & Pops – LC 4 Door
Gerry – LX SL/R 5000
Damian – LX Hatchback
Visitor – QLD Rego’ed UC Sedan TSV

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