McHappy Day 2005
Erindale McDonalds 19th November 2005

An invitational run by the STCSB to attend their run at Erindale McDonalds. Trevor arrived early, at some ungodly hour of 7:30am to drop his car off before heading off to work for the morning. A special thanks to Gary for running Trevor to and from work. Alan, Pat (in the Laser), Brett, LJ, Graham, Peter, and Phil arrived shortly there after. Pat was sent home to grab his Torrie to add to what was already a fairly impressive turnout.

There where cars there from the STCSB (organisers), Sydney Torana Club, Riverina Toranas and one car from Cootamundra. Judging by Pat’s entry number, 40 cars in total, in all states of repair, even some in states of disrepair. As people were saying all day, “they haven’t seen such a large turnout of Toranas in Canberra for ages.”

A collection was taken to assist the family of a young Wagga Torana enthusiast killed in a work related accident. That was followed by an auction of various Torana bits and pieces, strangely erring on the LC/LJ side, but all good.

Trophies where awarded, shortly after which everybody did a swift exit stage left. Congratulations to the trophy winners. CTC trophy winners include:-

Best Modified Hatchback – Brett
Peoples Choice – Brett
Attendee’s Choice – Alan
Best Standard LH/LX – Trevor
Best Standard Sedan – Peter
Best Modified LC/LJ Tudor – Graham

Amanda and Maree made an impromptu visit following the show after shopping for a few odds and ends for the Christmas Party.

Thanks to those attending and representing the Club.

Trevor – L34
Alan – LX
Brett – LX Hatch
Pat – Laser & SL/R 5000
Lj – LJ Tudor
Graham – LJ Tudor V8
Peter – A9X 4 dr
Phil - LX Hatch
Amanda – LH SL/R
Gary – VN Commodore
Maree – VN Wagon

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