Muscle Car Masters
2nd September 2007

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We headed out at around 9am for the Muscle Car Masters and there was already a massive lineup of cars waiting to get into the grounds when we arrived. We managed to sneak in pretty quickly and parked our cars in a great spot, then headed over to the main arena.

There was so many race cars to look at we didn’t know where to start! It was good to see the Toranas from NZ at the event and the A9X Club put on a good display again. After taking what seemed a few hundred photos of all different types of Toranas we decided to settle down in the grandstand for the rest of the day and check out the racing. The most notable race was on the last few laps of an 8 lap race, an LJ hunted down an XY and won, with the crowd going wild in the process. Awesome racing!!

At around 3.30pm we decided it was time to start heading for home. It was so easy getting out of Sydney on the new highway and it wasn’t long before we were back in Canberra.
A great weekend was had by all and I’m sure it’s one we’ll put on the run calendar again next year!

Thanks to all that attended!!

Those who attended from the club:
Phil, Vish and Rick
Lawrie, Joe, Steve
Brett, Steve and his mates
Paul, Rowan, and Callum
Steve, Maree and kids
Craig and Gerry

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