Sydney Motor Show 2007


We left the Harriott’s place at around 6.45am with Terry welcoming us to his bus over the pa.
There was a quick stop in Goulburn to pick up a few more passengers and we were off again.
On the trip up we watched a few dvds, piged out on lollies and had a few raffles.
We arrived in Sydney mid morning, half of us headed off to the Motor Show and the other half off to the Markets.
The standout cars off the show were the new Calais Wagon the HSV Maloo Ute and the Hyundai Veloster concept car. The Lexus ISF and the Lamborghinis also looked awesome!! There was everything your heart could desire from old formula one cars to the new super cars of today.
Allot of us went to the markets where the credit cards were given an early workout before xmas.
On the trip home we played pass the parcel and had heaps of laughes. We stopped for dinner at Sutton Forrest and from there it wasn’t long till we were home.
A big thanks to Terry from Go Bush Tours and to Jan for organizing such a fun enjoyable day.

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