Murrumbateman Pub Lunch with the Ford GT Club
Sunday 26th April 2015

Combined CTC - Ford GT club run to Murrumbateman Pub

On Sunday the Canberra Torana Club combined with the Ford GT club for a drive out to Murrumbateman Pub for lunch.

Meeting time was 10.00am at Powerkarts in Narrabundah with an anticipated departure of 11.00am. I got there on time along with CB and young Lee S and there were already a good bunch of folks eagerly awaiting this run. So my first impression was that we were going to get a good turn out of cars. By 10.30 there was about 15 of us gathered and King Loz and Pete from the Ford GT club called a role and gave us a run down on what we would be doing. So that done and come 11.00am, we headed off down Wentworth Avenue in convoy to "the pub" for lunch! We made sure we did a drive past of The War Memorial, given it was Anzac Day the day before, to pay our respects with a 70'S muscle car tribute. The convoy of cars along Anzac Parade was a site to see and had the onlookers stopped in their tracks and reaching for the phones to take pictures.

Anyway, a short time later we met up with the North side contingent of CTC members along the Barton Highway and we now had about 20 cars in convoy. The trip was pretty quick really and within no time our convoy arrived in Murrumbateman. And didn't we hold the traffic up in the little township trying to get into the pub. Oh well, I think the locals were happy to see such a vast variety of 'old skool" muscle cars drive to their town for lunch.

Once parked I did a count of cars and we had 21 all up. 11 Torry's and 10 Fords. So the ratio was spot on and impressive to see to say the least.

Once settled it didn't take folks long to grab a drink and order their meals. The menu was actually very good and catered for everyone's needs. As usual, I opted for a pizza and of course a nice cold light beer. Once the families were fed it was time to wander around and mingle with each other and share our experiences with our beloved muscle cars. Although we might have a 'Holden Versus Ford' thing going, it was quite clear that everyone appreciated each others cars and truly respected the 'other brand' as together they have made up our racing car history with both sides claiming gallant wins in their respective years.

So I must say a huge thank you to the Ford GT club for sharing this run with our club and for their members being so friendly and accommodating of us. We all got on famously and agreed to schedule further combined runs in the future. Also a big thank you to the owners and staff of the Murrumbateman Pub for accommodating all of us and promptly providing everyone with their nice meals.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as my family and I did. See you on the next run!

Cheers, Gerry

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