Observation Cruise
Queanbeyan to Bungendore
4th of September 2005


Observation Cruise Run Report

After lots of hard work and preparation, a run out to Bungendore weeks ago, Trevor having dinner at Mike & Amanda's, organising prizes, questions, and maps, the Observation Cruise day was here.

We knew we could count on Pat & Robyn, but were unsure if Maree who had also shown a lot of interest would make it due to being ill during the week… she did! A competition between the two yella owners for the “yella” prize?!?

New comer Graeme in his LJ GTR whom we met down the South Coast Nationals last weekend, and Peter & Geraldine in their WB Statesman all came to play. (Thanks guys!)

The run notes and goodies bags were handed out, and we all headed out to Bungendore answering questions. Amanda decided it was nice to follow an LJ Torana for once!

Once in Bungendore, no one realised they had different questions, which enabled everyone to cross paths throughout town while finding the answers. This was only discovered at the end when some people had bought Freddo Frogs, whilst others bought Caramello Koalas.

Peter & Geraldine were the first to the finish point with all 25 questions completed correctly. Everyone did well, except for Pat & Roybn who only got one answer wrong. Robyn put the blame with Pat!

Everyone received prizes, including shot glasses, stubbie holders, hats, mouse pads and a yella or red windscreen sun shade for a lucky few.

With the formalities over, we headed off to the pie shop, and then the beer garden at the Harp Inn, where we watched Country Music Channel, played pool, played Buck Hunter, more country music on the juke box, and drank a few beers.

Maree, Steve & Kids – VK Calais

Trevor – LH SL/R 5000

Mike & Amanda – LH SL/R 3300

Graham & Friend – LJ GTR

Peter & Geraldine – WB Statesman

Pat, Robyn & Kids – LH SL/R 5000



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