Orroral Valley Tracking Station
Sunday 22nd May 2011



Orroral Tracking Station.

Today we had a run out to Orroral Tracking Station. As a club we have
never been out there before. As it stands I have never either. All I
can say is that is was totally worth it.

We all met up at Lanyon Shopping Centre at around 10am. I am normally
first to get to any meeting point but it was a pleasant surprise to see
about 8 cars already there. To me this suggested that we were in for a
good day and a good number of attendees. Well I was right. I can't
remember the last time we had so many Toranas on a local run. It was
very pleasing to see.

At 10.30ish we decided to start the covoy out to Namadji National Park.
The run is about half an hour or so I was told. The snake stream of
Toranas following each other was awesome. The photos we took will
support that!

After about half an hour or so we arrived at our destination. It was an
intriguing place and the ruins spread across a fair distance. We
probably spent 45 minutes or so looking around and taking in the sites.
The kids had a chance to throw the Frisbee and chase each other too. At
around 12.00pm we decided to take off down to the local picnic point.
The weather seemed to be holding out for us (thankyou Lord LOL).

Once we settled in at the picnic point club members(Pete and Mick)
kindly cranked up the BBQ. I have to say that the smell of the cooking
BBQ far outweighed the smell of the septic tanks! As always the feast
was good enough for Kings and Queens. It was really nice. We probably
hung around for a good couple of hours after eating. Sitting back in
the sun and having a feast is a very Australian thing to do it seems!

I must say it was also nice to see a couple of new cars tag along. We
had the addition of a very nice Chamois LX hatch from a non member
(Tony) who decided to tag along for the run. I think we managed to
twist his arm before the day was out and have him join....LOL. Anyone
with a quality car like that is always welcome. We also had the
pleasure of seeing Ivan and Anna's new addition, their red LX 5000.
Very tidy indeed too. It was also good to see Daniel C turn up as well
in his lovely Glacier White LJ XU1.

In total I think we had around 13 - 14 Torana's turn up plus Mark in his
VY GTS, Brett in his CV8 Monaro, Steve in the work ute an of course King
Lol towing the club trailer in his XU6. At a guess there would have
been 40 folks at todays run. All I can say is that it puts a smile on
my face to see so many members keen to get out and about with the club.
A big thank you to all that attended. Also sorry to see Glenn who
turned up at the meeting point in his lovely A9X only to have to head
home as he sprung a fuel leak.

Catch you all at the next meeting (or for those heading out next sunday
for the John Grannal Memorial Run) see you then.

What a top club and a great bunch of people.!!

Cheers, Gerry
CTC Run Coordinator.

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