Powercruise 3 @ Eastern Creek Raceway
March 2005

PowerCruise @ Eastern Creek Raceway

Run Report

Thursday Morning:

We planned to meet at Shell Gateway (Epic) at 10am with the intention of leaving then as well, but with both Mark and Steve doing last minute things at home we finally left at 10.45 on our journey to PowerCruise, Sydney.

Maree and James left first towing the Club Trailer with Pete and his girlfriend second then it was Phil and Jamie, Steve and John and Mark and Family. With Maree and Pete setting the pace, the others soon caught up along Lake George where poor Maree's Commodore got really hot towing the club trailer so it was slow going till Goulburn where Pete said he would tow the trailer for us.

It was then back on the road till we got to the McDonalds stop for a well deserved bite to eat .It was then back on the Highway till we stopped at a Servo for some more fuel near Camden . After a small detour to get back on the right road we were on the final stretch to Eastern Creek Raceway.

It was typical Sydney traffic along the road to Eastern Creek due to an accident blocking the road and normal peak hour traffic.

We finally arrived at Eastern Creek a few hours behind than expected, but it wasn't long till we all had our arm bands and stickers on the cars.

Poor Mark and Maree who had paid in advanced had to fill in another form due to snail mail and their entry forms not arriving before the event. Pete had to do the same.

We were told that there were heaps of camping spaces and boy were they right! We stopped at one spot but thought better as it was on a slope, a big slope. We then drove around to another spot but thought we could do better.

We drove around to the other side of the race track and parked the cars.

We still thought we could do better so it was back into the cars and we headed further down the road.

We finally found the perfect spot, a place next to the playground (perfect for the kids) and we could just about see the whole track.

The only problem was it was a long walk to the toilets and we had to drive to the showers, but never mind that's camping for ya.

We put up our tents which should have been on video as it was very amusing watching everyone trying to figure out how their tent went up.

With help from everyone we all had our tents up being small dome tents except Steve's and Maree's which was labeled the Mansion. (Sorry guys I like my luxuries). Phil slept in his Hatchback.

Steve, Phil and Pete then went down to Scruitneering where they had their cars inspected and then they had to go to a drivers briefing where it was a simple outline of the rules you know what to do and not what to do.

Phil also took the opportunity to put his car on the Dyno – getting 193

He was told to go and tune up his car, this being Steve adjusting his timing and then doing doughnuts on the grass.

After the second time of ‘tuning' his car he was pulled over by a security guard and given a lecture. Remember what they said at the Drivers Briefing Phil?

Pete, his girlfriend and Maree went for a drive to find food supplies. They ended up in Blacktown only minutes down the road but returned hours later after realizing it was late night shopping.

We fired up the BBQ and had a quick bite to eat, a few drinks and a chat to one of the Sydney Torana Club's member who camped near us.

After the clocked hit 12am it was time for a good nites rest.


It was a very early start to the day with cars revving up their engines.

You certainly couldn't forget where you were once you heard those V8's around the race track

As Mark hadn't scruitneered yesterday he went off to get his car passed while Steve, Phil, Jamie and John went down to the pit area for a morning ‘PowerCruise'. They were apart of the first 12 cars to ‘PowerCruise' for 2005.

Steve took off his muffler to make his car louder.

Pete and his girlfriend went off to get some breakfast, while the two Marees' and their kids stayed at camp to wake up properly – Coffee!

It was great to see all types of cars cruising around the track. Both Steve and Phil letting their hair down. I can see why Torana means ‘To Fly'

That is exactly what they were doing amongst other Toranas.

Maybe next time it should be called ‘PowerFly'. Don't think many people were ‘cruising'.

Steve came back to camp to get Maree, and then it was back onto the track for a ride of a lifetime. All systems were great until Steve spun it out taking a corner to wide and hitting the grass. That was it, I wanted out!

Mark and Maree went to take their boys on the track but were turned back at the pit area due to safety regulations and insurance. They were not happy at all, especially the boys.

After many laps it was back to the campsite for some BBQ lunch.

After lunch we all ventured over to the Grandstand to watch some off street racing. It was great to see heaps and heaps of nice Toranas as well as a near miss when a HZ and a XY took off together but the HZ loosing control of the car and cutting across in front of the ford, but luckily for the Ford driver he was awake and swerved to miss the HZ.

As the sun set, we all enjoyed some Pizza then the boys went off to watch the Boobie show.


After a great nights rest – well I did, we were woken up to the sweet sound of an LJ with a tuff 308 with over 600horses hammering around the track.

It was again back down to the pit area for some early morning PowerCruise session. Phil then left his car down at the pit area for the show n shine.

He must have thought he had the best looking car because he parked it in the Elite section OOPS – Keep on dreaming Phil haha.

It was then a quick lunch the back down to the Grandstand to watch some ‘power skids'. This was the highlight of the weekend because we all got to see a ½ million dollar car hit the wall and get written off.

Last year at PowerCruise this guy who owned a Holden Ute full of NOS told us that he had his Porsche stolen, that he was going to sell the Ute and come back next year in a Ferrari. Maybe he should have parked it and left it.

I also said to the others that I would really like to see a ½ million dollar car hit a wall.

Well with that said he took off spinning the wheels minus any smoke and headed straight for the wall. He then got out and scratched his head. What the?

Of course he was not insured for being on the track so he will now have to fix the car himself ouch! Look out on Ebay for a brand new Ferrari with front end damage!

It was then time for more cruising with Steve taking Jamie instead of Maree.

I suspect Jamie had a great time as he came back with this huge smile on his face despite being pure white.

We then had some dinner and then headed down to the Boobie show again.

Poor Jamie got booted out, but somehow John seemed to get away with being under age.

It was back then to camp for some drinking and talking.

It must have been the night for drinking because there were many people doing all sorts of things from taking witches hats off the track. I yelled out to one telling him to put it back, and the funny thing was he did. If only he knew that I was just some other person haha.

We saw a few fights and had a few laughs, then it was off to bed for another night.


YEAH, we have survived till the end!

It was great to have an extra hour sleep due to daylight saving ending.

Oh by the way Happy Easter Everyone.

It was a quick breaky of some yummy grapes and some yummy Chocolate Easter Eggs kindly handed out by a long, darked haired Bunny. The Kids sure enjoyed them.

The boys headed of course down to the pit area for a final session of PowerCruise.

They were having a great time especially Steve when he ran out of gogo juice on top of the mountain. He put it in neutral and coasted down the hill. Luckily he made it off the track and into the pit area. I then had to go and get some petrol for him, but by the time I got back it was too late to get back on.

We packed up camp, took some more photos. Poor Steve didn't want to leave, he wanted to stay and get back on the track. Never mind Steve there is always next year!

We headed off down the road, waved Mark and Maree off as they headed in the other direction to Brisbane and cruised on back home.

We of course had our problems on the way home. Steve's rockers had come loose so he was only limited to 100k's. Pete towed the trailer to the Moss Vale turn off, and then hooked it up to Maree's car with all fingers crossed that it wouldn't get hot again. Phil just cruised on!

Things were going great till we got to Lake George when Steve could only do 60k's due to low fuel again and Maree putting along due to car getting hot again.

Must be something about Lake George ????

We all made it to the Eagle Hawk Petrol Station, fuelled up again and headed for home.

In the end, all I can say is that I had a fantastic time up at Eastern Creek but was glad to get home and have a real shower and sleep in a real bed!


Cheers Maree.

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