Riverina Revfest 2006


Run Report for Riverina Rev Fest Saturday & Sunday 28- 29 October 2006

We were to meet at Shell Dickson at 6.00 for a 6.30am Departure. I went straight to Maree and Steve’s place to pick them up and then met up with Trevor at Hall on the Barton Highway. With CB’s switched on we headed for Wagga for the running of the Riverina Rev Fest.

We stopped off at new The Dog on the Tuckerbox Road house for some breakfast and I must say is one of the best and cheapest places to eat on the Hume Highway. If you are thinking of stopping off for a bite sometime, make sure you eat in the Truckies part. This is where you will find the best and cheapest food.

From there we drove into Gundagai itself were we stopped to have a look at the old wooden trestle bridge. This bridge is about 1 k long and used to carry all the Hume Hwy traffic until the mid seventies. You could barely fit two semis on it side by side. Amazing stuff. If you get a chance you should go into Gundagai next time you drive down the Hume. It is worthwhile seeing the old bridge before it completely falls down.

From here we drove into Wagga and met up with Trevor’s sister Denise at her place. After stretching the old legs and washing the cars we headed for the show. Given the lack of water around NSW at this time, the ground was pretty hard and dusty. The showground has been looked after pretty well however and at least in the spectator area, the grass had been maintained. Trevor parked his car for display amongst the Riverina Torana Club cars that were already on show. After making our introductions to the other club we proceeded to take in the different cars and displays that were available.

There was a vast array of different vehicles on view, ranging from Holdens, Fords, Chevies, Mopars and of course the mighty Torries. There were normally aspirated cars, cars with blowers and some with chemical horsepower engines. There was something for everyone.

There was an elite hall with a dozen or so cars in it, and a trader’s hall with plenty of wares on show. There was a dyno comp as well as the mandatory Burnout pad running. There was a sideshow alley for the kids including face painting etc. Which reminds me, this is an alcohol free show and as a result there were plenty of families in attendance.

Total crowd at a guess was about 3,000 people on each day. Not your Summernats gathering but nonetheless I think in the absence of those drunken idiots was more enjoyable.

At the end of the show on Saturday we all rocked back to Denise’s place where we partook of the favored party drinks. Everyone had a good time chatting about the day’s events and enjoying the BBQ that Mark & Denise put on. I got to tell you the steaks that we had were the best I have ever tasted. Mark apparently works at the local abattoir and has access to some of the best quality beef. Afterward, Denise was good enough to put us all up for the night at her place.

A BIG THANK YOU for you hospitality Denise and Mark!

On Sunday, Trevor and Denise entered the car parade. This parade is pretty awesome with some 150 cars involved. The route takes the cars some 20Ks around Wagga ending up going down the main street on the way back to the showground.

Later in the day the presentations were handed out to the winners. It seemed like the Fitzpatrick show with that family taking out most of the awards. Good on them to!
Our own Trevor however won Best Cruiser for his L34. I think the trophy is heavier than him! Well done Trevor and congratulations from the club on well deserved award.

A picture of the award is on the home page of the web site

We left the show at about 2.45 on Sunday after the drawing of the door prize. A Torry Hatchback. Needless to say none of us won it.

It was a pretty quick trip home with only two stops. One at the old Sydney Harbour Bridge, a bit of a nostalgic landmark for us ex Truckies and one stop at the Dog On The Tuckerbox Roadhouse.

All in all a great weekend where we got to meet some great people from the Riverina Torrie Club as well as getting to see some really good cars.

Those who attended the show were:

Trevor and his L34, Paul, Rowan, Callum, Steve & Maree.


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