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South Coast Nationals

27th and 28th of August 2005

Lawrie's SS Hatch

Sam's LX 308

Pat's SL/R 5000

Graham's 308 LJ GTR

Trevor's L34

Josh's LH

Maree's SL/R

Amanda's SL/R

Alan's LX

Phil's 308 Hatch

Phil's new motor!

At the Caravan Park

Other Torana's at the
Extreme Magazine South Coast Nationals

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Four cars departed from Supercheap Queanbeyan on Friday night, with Phil and John delayed while they fixed a few things with their cars. An accident on the Clyde Mountain saw them sitting there for just over an hour, while tow trucks removed the debris. Phil got his car fixed, and arrived at around 12pm that night. Others had travelled up earlier in the day.

Pat & Robyn left on Saturday morning, although they too where delayed as they broke a clutch cable while reorganising the fleet. The cable was replaced and they got under way at around 7:30am from the departure point.

We found a good possie at the Moruya Speedway, and set up camp for the day. There were a lot of interesting cars, and numbers where up on previous years, approximately 360 cars.

The day passed rather quickly. We headed off for dinner at the Club along with the presentation, however food was not being served till after the presentations. Fearing a rush and delays with dinner, we opted for the local take-away for dinner prior to the presentation.

This years effort was rewarded with a trophy for the Best Club Display to add to the Club's list of achievements.

We gathered at Amanda's unit and rocked on till late, which was great.

Sunday morning was a very casual affair as we had some breakfast, packed the cars, and embarked on playing a bit of tennis prior to heading off. We arrived at about 10:30am at the Moruya Showground, set up the display again, and just relaxed for the day, as well as taking in the burnout finals. The HQ would have to have won. Jason also participated in the burnout competition in his Falcon.

We headed off at about 4:30pm for the trip back home.

Congratulations to all who participated in taking out the best Club display. It took getting 2 cars registered, some panel work, and bit of maintenance to get all the cars down there to make it possible. Others while making an effort didn't quite make it. Good effort to all concerned.

Cars in Attendance:

Trevor & Gary LH L34

Lawrie & John LX Hatch

Phil, Vish & Maddison LX Hatch

Maree & Michelle LH

Sam & Laurie LX

Denise, Josh & the twins LH

Alan LX

Mike, Amanda, Nathan - LH

Pat, Robyn, Madeline, Emily & Ainslie LH

Jason, Tania and kids - Falcon

Gerry, Belinda, Melany & Jamie Camry

Steve, Casey & Eve VK Commodore

Jeremy working

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