Sids for Kids
24th June 2005

Laurie's put his SS hatch on display in Riverside Plaza Mall on Thursday.
We sold red noses all day Thursday, including late night shopping
and yes we kept those red noses on all day!!
There was alot of interest in the club and we handed out heaps of club business cards.
Lauries hatch attracted alot of onlookers.
Those who attended Riverside Plaza were Laurie, Phil, Josh and Vish

On Friday night we went to RJ's Food Van in Woden.
We sold some big red noses to the taxi drivers for their taxis
and we sold normal red noses to a few people who braved the cold!
Those who attended were, Alan in his LX Torana, Laurie in his SS hatch,
Phil in his SS hatch and the lads in their SL/R.

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