Moruya South Coast Nationals

6th & 7th September 2003

V8 LJ 2 Door

Supercharged LX 308
This one is 4 sale, mid $20's

One very tough HB

V8 LJ 2 Door

Geoff Lambs SL/R5000
Awsome as always!


V8 LC 2 Door

Tough looking bug catchcer!

Pat & Robyn's SL/R5000

Mike & Amanda's LC 2 Door

Trevor's LH SL/R5000 L34

Lawrie's A9X Hatch

On our way down the coast raod

This was 4 sale $13,5000

Awsome paint!!!

Neat 4 Door 308

V8 LJ 4 Door

Supercharged Hatch YIPYAH

Looked like Gerry's car!!

On Display!

Nice Ass!

It was an early start to the morning as we left Supercheap Auto’s in Queanbeyan at 7am Saturday morning. With a quick 15 minute drive to Bungendore, then onto a fairly uneventful trip to the top of the Clyde Mountain where driving skills were put to the test on the steep decent and tight corners all the way down to Bateman’s Bay. From then it was onto Moruya.

We arrived in town just in time to join the street cruise with other entrants of the South Coast Nationals. With a cruise through the main street, it was then onto the airport where 3 of us were to pay our entry fee and have our cars scrutinized, while Pat patiently waited inside the show as he had pre entered. We found him next to the Suttons Holden display and it was time to setup the club banner and get settled in for the day. Pats comfy tent provided shelter from the slight wind and bit of drizzle that persisted thoughout the day. The day was taken up by checking out the burnout eliminations, other entrants cars and lining up for food. It was around 3pm when Phil and Vish arrived to meet us in the show. Not long after, it was time to head off so would could get settled into our accommodation for the night.

With a quick stop at the service station and the bottleshop, we drove to Pleasurelea Tourist Park who were excellent in accommodating our cars and providing secure parking for the night. Our cabin was pretty flash too. Vish nicked off for a quick spot of fishing, while the rest of us got chatting and started organizing for our BBQ dinner. As anyone can imagine, the night contained lots of jokes and drinking, making the evening enjoyable for all (even though Pat snuck into bed early and never returned).

With another early start, we drove into Bateman’s Bay and went to the local equivalent of Car Lovers so we could hose the dirt of our cars. After a great team effort with the chamois’s it was back to Moruya where we setup for the day again.

At around 3pm, we decided that the kids needed a trip to the beach, so we left for McKenzies Beach just out of the Bay. Lawrie,Vish & Madeline couldn’t help themselves, and had to go for a swim in the freezing water. Nathan built sandcastles and was heartbroken when we decided to leave. We made the short drive to the Shell service station where we stressed out the console operator by all filling up with Optimax and stopping the pump from further use, it was then to KFC in preparation for the drive home.

We left Bateman’s Bay at 5pm exactly, everyone’s car drove up the mountain without any hassles and it was a leisurely drive all the way back to Caltex Queanbeyan where we stopped to say our goodbyes to each other.

To sum it all up, an excellent weekend away for everyone and a special thanks to Pleasurelea Tourist Park for looking after us all. Lets do it all again next year!!

Atteneded By:
Lawrie A9X
Pat & Madeline LH SL/R 5000
Trevor LH L34
Mike, Amanda & Nathan LC 2 Door
Phil and Vish LH Sedan

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