South Coast Nationals
4th September 2004

Canberra Torana Club
South Coast Nationals 2004 Trophy Winners for Best Represented Club


Supercheap Qbn

Supercheap Qbn 7am


Setting up

Phil's 308 SS Hatch

Shaun's LX

Laurie's SS Hatch

Trevor's L34

Brad's 308 Hatch

Jeremy's SL/R 5000

Hard luck award goes to Jeremy
for snapping his tailshaft at over 200hp on the dyno!


The Best Represented Club Trophy Presentation!

Receiving his Trophy

Receiving his Trophy

Receiving his Trophy

Receiving his Trophy

Receiving his Trophy

Receiving his Trophy

The Trophys!!

Other Toranas at South Coast Nationals


Other Cars at South Coast Nationals




South Coast Nationals 2004 Run Report - By Tanya

It started off as a cold morning, we met at Supercheap Autos in Queanbeyan at around 6.45am, a few of us were running late but not to worry we got away pretty much on time at 7am.
We stopped at Braidwood for petrol and snacks. Everything was going fine until we noticed Jeremy and Trevor were know where to be seen, the phones weren't working on the Clyde, so we called them just as we got to the outskirts of Batemans Bay. Jeremys car had lost oil pressure so they had stopped as a precaution.
When we arrived in Batemans Bay, we headed straight to the local car wash, where we all washed and polished our cars as quick as we could as we knew we were running behind time!
It was a mad dash down to Moruya to the Golf Club where the event was being held.
We paid our $55 entry fee and headed to our designated area. Imagine our suprise when we discovered we had to squeeze our cars into a school basketball court and past all the earlier arrivals. We setup our display, put up the banner and put the final touches on the cars.
The weather was warm when we got there but as the day progressed the clouds rolled in, but this didn't dampen our spirits! We all went our separate ways to admire all the other entrants cars, there were some pretty damn good cars (including ours!) As the day progressed we had lunch and a few drinks at the Golf Club. Jeremy and Rose had their turn on the dyno. Jeremey and Rose managed to get 202HP on the dyno but for their effort they snapped their tailshaft to an elated crowd. That pretty much was the end of our day at the South Coast Nationals.
Some of us stayed with Jeremy and Rose to organise the tow back to the caravan park and stay for the trophy presentations and much to our suprise we won Best Represented Club, with every car owner attending receiving an individual trophy including John, Amanda and Mike. Congratulations to everybody that attend, without you there we wouldn't have got this award. The rest of us went to our organised accommodation at Pleasurelea Caravan Park. A great night was had by all and a many a empty bottle left outside the door. hehehe
Sunday morning was overcast. We all tucked into breakfast and it was a happy fathers day to all that were there. While we were pondering on how to get Jeremy home the heavens opened up and down came the rain. Some of us stayed with Jeremy to organise his car and the rest headed home. On our travels up the Clyde, a lonely Commodore which was part of our group ran out of petrol. So our two hour trip home turned out to be a three hour trip and once organised we were on our way again, with a big thanks to the servo on the main street of Braidwood for their help. The rest of the trip was uneventful and we all made it home safe and sound. Jeremy and Roses Torana spent a few lonely nights in the Bay and was fixed mid week and driven back by Jeremy.
A great weekend all round and a big thank you to everybody who attended.

Those who attened:
Laurie and John - SS Hatch
Phil, Jamie, Maddison and Tanya - SS Hatch
Brad and Joe - LX Hatch
Shaun and Stafford - LX 4 Door
Trevor, Marie and Gary - L34 SL/R 5000
Jeremy and Rose - LH SL/R 5000
Tane, Aiden, Imogen and Vanessa - Commodore
Sam and Laurie - Statesman

Our condolences to John Harriot for the death of his LH Torana a few days earlier.
A big get well to Nathan and our thoughts are with Amanda and Mike and a thank you to Amanda for organizing the accommodation.


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