Mt Stromlo Coffee Run
April 11th 2006


Mt Stromlo Coffee Run

A fantastic Autumn day in Canberra for a drive, blue sky, reasonable temperature, with next to no wind, perfect day for a drive.

We met at the Woolies Carpark in Weston. A really nice Charger E55 drove past. We hoped it would pull up, and low and behold it did. Greg jumped out for bit of a chat and to enlighten us on all things Chrysler. How can you not love these old cars, so simple and honest? For more info on the Chargers:-

Thanks for dropping in on us like that Greg, always good to see and talk about something similar, but different, another Classic Car.

Anyways, it was high time to head off. We bid farewell to Greg, and headed off for Mt. Stromlo , via the Cotter Road . It was a most interesting run up the mountain (I don't remember that road being that long and windey!).

At the Mountain, we parked the cars in what we thought was a remote, secluded and largely unused carpark. You know how it is, when the Torries park, everybody else wants to park there, and they did.

We went about checking out the Café, the ruins, and the views, while the Club Easter Bunnies rummaged around the bushes for the Easter Egg Hunt. We headed out from the Café to get the kids festivities underway, for fear of the eggs melting (that's how unusually warm it was),

Some hadn't eaten lunch prior to heading up the Mountain, and the prices were a bit on the high side, so they headed back to McDonalds Weston.

The rest of us stayed for coffee, cake, other nibbles, and bit of a chat.

The display that was there was most interesting. Unfortunately the larger display was not open. A small auditorium showed the nocturnal aspects of the telescopes and the people that use them. While a great deal was destroyed at Mount Stromlo, it is part of a larger telescope network, so work still continues at nearby telescopes and at the Tidbinbilla Tracking Station via the Hubble Telescope. Interesting stuff.

Done with our pit stop, a decision was made to head back to McDonalds Weston to meet up with the others. The magic hour came upon us where people had to be elsewhere to pick other family members up, while others where itching for a belt along the Cotter Road to Lanyon.

A great day for it, and a fun time had by all, perfect Torana weather.

Attended by:-

Alan LX

Trevor & Gary LH

Gerry & Derek (Father-in-law) LX

Steve & Michelle LJ 327

Pat & Madeline LH

Craig, Karly, & Tom VT Commodore

Maree, James, Casey & Eve VR Commodore

Mike, Amanda & Nathan VN Commodore

Robyn & Ainslie VN Commodore

Mark, Patrick and Melany Mercedes Benz

Greg (Just Visiting) Charger E55

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