Summernats 18
January 2005

Our Club Members cars at the Nats


Matt & Phil's cars

on display

Bretts A9X

Show & Shine

Supercharged 6

Justin's LJ

Supercruise sticker

Phil's 308 Hatch

Just after the
show and shine

Waiting for the

Justins 4 door
supercharged LJ

Steve's 327 LJ

Kevin & Lukes LJ

Phil's 308 Hatch

Trevor's L34
and Trailer

LH SL/R 5000

for the Supercruise


Back of the hatch



More Photos




Summernats 2005

We all went well in Scruitineering on Tuesday evening and its suprising how many tough cars there are in Canberra, you hardly ever see any of them apart from when the nats are on.

Thursday came around and it was time to go crusing in EPIC. Thursday is usually quiet but it was amazing how busy it was, numbers were up that's for sure!! We heard that car clubs could be part of the Supercruise, with 10 cars per club, so we were the first in the door of the Summernats office on Thursday morning to put our names down, there were seven cars in total from our club and that meant we were assured for the Supercruise. I had a problem with over heating, so it meant only a few laps at a time which was a bit annoying, a thermofan fixed the problem and it was back to the crusing. It finished up early Thursday at around 10pm.

On Friday we got there early and checked out the traders pavilions, bought a few things really cheap and had a look around at all the tough cars. We did some more laps of EPIC and caught up with everyone else from the club. Friday night was pretty crazy and everything was shut down really early, so it was time to head to Braddon, but the cops had completely shut the place down, every entry was blocked, so we did a few laps around the city and headed for home about 11pm.

On Saturday we got there a bit later than the day before and we got in a few laps before heading to the main arena for the Show and Shine. We had a pretty good position, right in the middle of all the action! Trevor had the trailer hooked up and we setup the car with some business cards under the bonnet and in the back of the hatch. There was allot of interest in our four cars we had on display and the club business cards went very quick We found out that Brett had made Street so he had to park his car with the other Street winners. After the show and shine we had the Supercruise, we were in group 4 which consisted of car clubs. We were the leading club and Trevor was the leading car with the club trailer attached. It was an awesome feeling, thousands of people taking videos and photos of the cars, I totally recommend bringing your car to the nats next year if you can. After the Supercruise we parked the cars and watched the fireworks and Laurence Legend jump the motor bikes with his bus again. Later on that evening it went off like I'd never seen before, it was way out of control, all i can say is lucky nobody got hurt, all the security could do was shut it down, so they did and we then headed for home.

Sunday was burnout day, after watching for a while we noticed nobody was lapping so we decided to do a few laps around EPIC, we ended up doing 30 to 40 laps! We saw a lot of cars getting their stickers ripped off by Summernats security. The little exel with the V8 turbo did a hugh burnout up the back and lost his stickers and got kicked out, but who cares its the last day!

All in all an excellent Summernats. If you get the chance come along with the club next year and be part of the Supercruise, its the most amazing experience!

Cars Attending :
Trevor & Bull - LH L34 & Trailer
Jeremy & Rose - LH SL/R 5000
Phil, Jamie, John, Joe - LX 308 Hatch
Steve & Maree - LJ GTR-XU1 with 327 Chev
Matt - SS Hatch (Corvette Powered)
Brett - A9X Hatch
Kevin & Luke - LJ 4 Door
Justin - LJ 4 Door Supercharged (Qld Torana Club Visitor)

Run Report by Phil

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