Thredbo Run to Bernti's
Saturday 9th to Sunday 10th of April 2011


CTC Thredbo run to Bernti's.

This was a run we were all looking forward to as we had never been to
the snowies before as a club.

A fair bit of organising went into this run to get it off the ground.
Some would know that Steve G, a fairly new member of the club, had made
a suggestion when the 2011 club run calendar was being voted on, for the
club to head up to Thredbo to stay at his Brother's Challet. His
suggestion received great response from members so we thought we would
lock it into the 2011 calendar.

Well the day came and we all met up at the Woolies servo at Hume to head
on up to Thredbo. Because of the nature of the run and the lack of
protected car accommodation, we all decided to take out daily drivers
and leave the Torana's at home. As it turned out it was almost a
Commodore / Monaro / 4WD club run.

We left pretty much on time for the 2 and a bit hour drive to Bernti's
Challet in Thredbo.

We did well to keep the group of cars together for the journey. We
arrived just after 12.00pm. Some arrived a little later due to other
commitments. Once we arrived we unpacked the cars and headed on into
the Challet. I have to say it was so much more than I expected. It was
really a beautiful place with views to kill for and had a very homely
feel to it.

Bags unpacked everyone pretty much did their own thing for the next few
hours. A small group of us decided to take the scenic 4 km walk around
the river trail which took on the sights of the local golf course and
the Thredbo river. It was a really pleasant walk and the surroundings
were very tranquil. Another brave group of members decided that they
were going to try and defeat the great mountain before dark. From
memory, Brett, Kayla, Mick and Steve headed on up the chairlift to begin
their conquest of Kosciuszko.

The afternoon ticked by and after we had lunch we began to settle in for
the afternoon. From where we were the moutains started to look a little
angry and we started to doubt that the mountain walkers would make the
walk to the summit. As it turned out they arrived back safe and sound
succesfully making the summit in what they described as appauling
conditions. Apparently it was freezing up there and the wind chill
factor was fierce. They were definitely thankful to be back. Well done
to them for even having a go I say!

As the evening progressed we all settled in to the tavern for dinner and
a few beverages. The food was delightful and the accompanying drinks
went down very well. I must say that the staff were very friendly and

As the night grew older the crew numbers dwindled as tired folks went to
bed for a well earned rest. Some kicked on to the early hours of the

The next morning people surfaced at different times. Us early birds
headed on down for a hot breaky at one of the local dinners. The
breakfast was yummy and slowly but surely others made their way down too
to join us. Some looking a little sorry from the night before!

As the morning progressed we all packed up and decided we would make a
stop off at Jindabyne for a look before heading home. There we stopped
at one of the local tourist havens. It was quite nice. It was also an
opportunity for some to grab a coffee before the drive home.

I would like to thank Steve G and his Brother and all his staff for
allowing us to enjoy a great weekend at Bernti's. It would have to be
one of the nicest getaways I have had with the club. From what I have
heard everyone really enjoyed themsleves and many sugested that we come
back again. I think that will be a given! What a great weekend. In all
there were 39 of us that attended. Thanks to all those who helped out
with organising the run.

CTC Run Coordinator.

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