18th of September 2005


Run Report by Phil

We started out from the Gateway servo as planned at 10am on Saturday morning and were soon cruising up the highway towards Golbourne. It wasn't long after that I noticed smoke coming from the back of Johns LJ, it was a short in the wiring on the starter motor, it didn't take long to fix and we were on the road again.
Soon after we noticed a car on a trailer in the distance that looked like it had a droptank, could it be a Torana? Well it was Ian Kells heading up to Toranafest with his blue A9X 4 door on a car trailer, you can see the photos of his car above.
After a few hundred kms we were driving in the Sydney traffic. We took the tunnel root with all the tolls and then turned up the Pacific Highway where we filled up with petrol just before the Newcastle turnoff. Only 130 kms to go!
When we got to Newcastle we headed straight for the motel and booked in.
At the motel we were shocked to see Howard Bell turn up with his SL/R 8000 Torana on a trailer and then Graham turned up in his very original, mint condition SL/R5000 with only 44 thousand miles on the clock. I took some photos and you can see them above. Graham recommended the Phoenix Club as a good place to have dinner and as it was just around the corner which was a real bonus.
After having dinner and playing the pokies for a while we went out for a cruise around Newcastle and after a few hours we decided to head back too the motel as we had an early start and a long day ahead.
Toranafest was awesome as usual with almost 90 entrants. The numbers were down on past years but when you consider how much petrol is at the moment you can understand why. During the trophie presentation Mick thanked us for coming to the show and hoped he's see us there again next year.
After the show we cruised around for a while then headed over to the Phoenix Club again for dinner.
After dinner we all decided to go see Dukes of Hazzard, what an awesome movie and you can see in the photos a few of us decided to wear our mexican hats which attracted alot of attention. Then it was back to the motel via a short detour!! yee haa. The following morning we left early as Jamie had his final exam for the year. Talk about the quickest run through Sydney ever!! We got back in record time and all of us made it to the club meeting that night.
All in all it was a great run but the cost of fuel in the 308 with a 750 double pumper and the 202 with triples is too much to tell you about $$$$$ Hopefully we'll be there next year unless petrol gets to $2 a litre.

Those who attended:
Joe, Phil, John, Steve, Jamie

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