Toranafest 2007
Saturday 15th September 2007
The trip up to Newcastle

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A glorious Saturday morning greeted 4 Toranas, owners and followers at the Shell Gateway Servo at Mitchell which was our meeting point for our trip to Newcastle for Toranafest.

A casual drive up the highway for the best cars in the country didn’t create any problems at all. We met up with Mark in his orange SS hatch near Picton and cruised around Sydney on the new M7 and onto Newcastle, four and half hours after leaving Canberra we arrived at our Motel in Mayfield where we all check in. After a short drive around to find a drink it was out to Grahams place, one of Gerry’s mates, who is a member of the Hunter Valley Torana Club and the GMH Forum, where he graciously let us give our beloved cars a quick wash in his front yard in Raymond Terrace. Also a big thankyou to Graham for organising our accomodation for the weekend!

Soon it was time to head back to the Motel and with drinks in hand we where greeted by 8 other Torana owners who were from Brisbane, Melbourne and other places in between, after a greet and meet it was time for some well earned sleep.

When we woke we were greeted by a beautiful Newcastle Sunday morning, we all gathered for our drive to Nobby’s Beach where Toranafest was hosted, where we saw many great looking cars gather. 154 entrants spread themselves around the park and many people wandering around having a look at the cars on display.

Harry Firth was special guest for the day and he was prepared to sign autographs on arrange of things ranging from glove box lids to shirts. There was and auction of Torana Merchandise which was to raise money for Ronald McDonald house in Newcastle.

Soon it was time for the Trophy Presentation and Gerry in his SLR 5000 received runners up for best original LH – LX Torana, which surprised Gerry considering how many other Cars were there on the day.

After having a great day, it was time to head on back to our Motel for the evening, to wind down and have some dinner, we settled in for a quiet evening again sitting in the car park at the Motel having a yarn to the boys from WYLDLC (Purple LC, which was a multiple trophy winner). Soon it was time to turn in for the night.

Monday morning we were greeted by another beautiful Newcastle day, soon it was time to pack up ready for our drive home, after buying some breakfast it was time to head on down the highway, after Gerry tried to take us to Brisbane, after a quick direction change we were on our way towards Sydney and home, yet again with out any dramas.

All up a fantastic weekend was had by all and we can’t wait until next year and we would recommend it to anyone.

Participants for the weekend
Craig – SLR
Gerry – SLR
Trev & Marissa – L34
Mark - LX Hatchback
Dean – LX
Phil – VP SV-91 (Drove Gerrys new car back from Newcastle)
Robbo the Wrecker

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