Toranafest 2010
17th-20th September 2010

Toranafest 2010 Photos

Friday 17th - Trip up to Newcastle

Saturday 18th - The Cruise

Sunday 19th - Toranafest

Monday 20th - Trip back to Canberra

Photos from Belinda

Photos from Gerry

Toranafest 2010 Run Report

Well what a run to Newcastle.  It all started on Friday morning where we decided to meet up at the BP service station on the Federal Hwy.  In all there were 7 cars going up to Newcastle that morning.  Most of us left at 9.00am sharp and started up the highway.  About 10 minutes into the trip we were joined by Craig in his red hatch, Mick in his Purple LJ, and Mark in his Green LX.  The trip into Sydney was uneventful and we met up with Danny in Herne's Orange LX and Keith in his White 5000 at the start of the F3.

Around 2.10 we all arrived at the Motel.  It was a relief that all cars made it without a hitch.  I managed to worsen the leak on my hatchback's rear main seal.  At least it gave the rest of the troops something to laugh at with small puffs of smoke coming from the oil dripping onto the exhaust.  Oh well, something to fix before next years run!

We set up camp and organised the new club trailer. First things first we made sure the beer keg became operational.  Nothing like a cold draught beer after a long drive.  As the afternoon went by several other Torana Clubs started arriving.  Come dinner time we got the trailer BBQ operating to test it out.  The girls went into town and brought fresh salads to compliment the steak and sausages.  As the night went on a few of us got a little tipsy and loud.  Especially as we watched the Raiders unfortunately go down to the Tigers.  In all it was a good first night.

Saturday morning came and more cars arrived at the Motel.  Although some of us supported a headache from the night before, we managed to walk around and introduce ourselves to others. The highlight of the day was the afternoon cruise to the foreshores. In all 56 cars attended.  It was a nice drive with a stop at the local lookout point.  Here we were greeted by some of the weekends guests including Bev Brock, John Sheppard, Colin Bond and Bob Morris to name a few.  After a brief stay of around half and hour we headed back to the motel.  We all settled in for the evening and chatted amongst ourselves for a while before the nights festivities began.  Come 6pm we all headed over to the marquee where the festivities were about to begin.  Some of us made the effort to dress in 70's apparel which was the theme for the night.  It was a good laugh.  The night started off with a buffet style dinner which was really nice, then an auction of some Torana memorabilia and then speaches and interviews with the event guests.  As the night went on some of us decided to head back to our rooms to watch the second league semi final.  Some of us also decided on and early night.  All up the night was really great and well organised by the Hunter Valley Torana Club.  It was a pleasure to see so many of the old 70's race era characters.

Sunday morning came around and we got up early to get the cars all clean and ready for the big show.  We left the motel at 7.30am and headed over to the show venue.  We arrived just before 8.00am and already there were many cars set up.  First things first, we all headed over to register our entries and pick up our goodies bags.  We were all keen to see what colour tee-shirts we got this year.  There was random choice of 4 colours.  They were Strike Me Pink, Yellow Dolly, Barbados Greens and Opaline Blue.  A good reflection of the era colours.  It certainly looked like it was going to be a big day ahead of us.  By 9.00am we were all set up and some of us decided to have our first look around.  From what we could see there were some really classy cars on show.

The weather looked a little inclement but the rain managed to stay away.  Across the day we had several of the event guests sign the new club trailer.  Naturally we took many pictures with the guests which delighted several of the club members.  It was a long and tiring day but well worth it.  We also met up with many other club and Torana forum members.  Every year the party seems to get bigger and it becomes a catch up with old mates.  Again the selection of cars was very impressive.  Too many to see to observe them all properly.  All up there was 272 cars on display which surpassed last years 246.  The BBQ got a good work out across the day as breakfast and lunch were cooked on it.  The smell of the BBQ food drew in many spectators requesting to purchase a sausage sandwich.  The new trailer was a hit. Many thanks to those in the club that made sure it was a finished for the event (you know who you are).  By 4pm we were all ready to head back to the motel.  After packing up we listened to the presentations. I take my hat off the the HVTC members as the effort that went into the show was outstanding.  They obviously have a great committee and member base.  Something they can be proud off.  Thanks heaps guys and gals!!

That night some of us decided to stay at the motel for the pre arranged dinner while some went out to satisfy their craving for a "surf n turf". Again we all sat around and had a few quiet drinks and discussed the show in all.

Monday morning was upon us before we knew it and it was time to head home.  After settling our room bills we all headed off to grab some breakfast.  Somehow a few of us missed the meeting point which threw our plans out a little and we ended up heading off down the free way to another truck stop for a feed.  I think we were all a little tired by now!  After we ate we headed home and and took a detour through Picton where we observed some of the old sights.  It was an interesting drive with a twist!  Anyway we all stopped at Sutton Forest for our last fuel and food stop before heading our own ways.  We eventually got home around 4pm that afternoon.

I would like to finish up by saying a thanks to various members.  In particular to the ladies who seemed to run around and clean up after all the meals as well as organise salads etc..  It didn't go unnoticed. Thanks ladies.  Also to Paul for towing up the club trailer, Steve for supplying the keg of beer, Lawrie and co for making sure the trailer made it up on time and to all the club members partners who made the effort to come up and join in too.  I really hope you all enjoyed yourselves. I would also like to thank all the club members, new and old for making the trek up.  The club really appreciates your time and efforts.  Finally a big thank you to the HVTC and the Motel staff for arranging a fabulous weekend for us all.  No doubt we'll be back again next year.

Gerry - Run coordinator

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