V8 Supercars Wakefield Park Raceway

Saturday 22nd February 2003

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V8 Supercars - Wakefield Park Run Report

A grey sky greeted up for the 8:00am start at Kamberra Winery Carpark, near Exhibition Park, and all fingers were crossed that it wouldn’t rain. A quick call confirmed that Vish rather than being late, had to work.

Following a brisk drive up the Federal Highway, we arrived in Goulburn at 9am for a brief stop. The run leader had forgotten to stop a McDonalds for McBreakfast, to the disappointment of the troops. We decided to skip breakfast in favour of getting a good possie.

Arriving at Wakefield, we were greeted by mud up on the hill. We went back down to the bottom to try the hill on the straight, but the area was being used for VIP guests, so we returned to the muddy knoll!

We ended up setting ourselves up in the carpark, and unfurled the banner, set low in front of the cars, so as to not block other spectator’s views. Phil, Jamie, Lj, and Cameron went to look at the cars in the pits, and in a quest for food, confirmed that the banner was highly visible from the other side of the track.

Following the morning practice sessions, and numerous glasses of Pat’s cordial, little Nathan announced that it was time for lunch. So out with the BBQ, we had snags ready in no time, attracting the attention of a swarm of some sort of carnivorous beetle! The sun decided to show up for lunch, and the weather became decidedly hot and humid.

With an unsuccessful quest to find an ATM, the lads led by Phil, headed off to find both cash and food in Goulburn. Some two hours later they returned, mission accomplished, with discussion of the amount of food able to be consumed at all you can eat pizza establishments.

The racing continued through the afternoon. Of particular note was the large Saloon Car (Production vehicles) race, which finished early due to a number of incidents, and the little Aussie Racers that fronted an equally impressive field. Particular interest was found in trying to identify the Sports Sedans, normal production cars dressed in drag. A number of the cars turned out to be Holden Calibra’s (Expensive Camiras I’m told).

We stayed for the qualifying sessions of the Konica V8 Supercars, prior to packing up and hitting the road!

Once on the road, numerous large clumps of mud and clay were dropping off the backs of the Torana’s.

To make amends for the morning’s shortcomings, we headed to McDonalds to rehydrate, with a couple of hot rods passing us as we turned in for a McDrink. The cars drew attention from a number of diners, including a Tarago??? (Obviously still needs a torrie for that ‘Oh What a Feeling!)

We headed off in light drizzle, back to the Hume Highway, playing tag with a campervan laden 4WD, and two little faces engrossed with the cars. A rough section of road, encouraged a large clump of stubborn clay to drop from Phil’s car, showering Pat with various rocks…..grrrr….

The trip home was relatively dry, other than a wet patch coming into Canberra, which got rid of the last bits of remnant mud.

We pulled into the Canberra Tourism Information Centre to disperse, with the appropriate welcome home by two fly overs by a MIG fighter jet, organised by us of course???

Despite no wet track, it was agreed by all that a fantastic day was had, and we all headed off home.


Cars Attending:-
Phil and Jamie – LX Sedan
Amanda, Mike & Nathan – LH Sedan
Alan, Jan, Lj & Cameron – LJ Sedan (squishy)
Pat – LH SL/R 5000

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