Wakefield Park Procar Series

Thanks to Pat for these next 3 photos



Thanks to Kevin for these next 3 photos



Wakefield Park Procar Series - Run Report By Pat

Sunday 8 th August 2004

We met at Supercheap Queanbeyan at 7:30 for an 8:00am departure to Wakefield Park . The day greeted Pat, Kevin & Clare with fog. 8:00am rocked around, and with no other Toranas in sight we made our way to Wakefield via the servo for fuel.

We tried a new route, which avoided going into town, and we popped out onto the highway to Wakefield in the 60km/h zone, right behind a police radar trap (what luck, if only we could say the same for the fellow in the new little Mini Cooper S who managed to light up the Christmas Tree on top of the Police Car).

Arriving at Wakefield , there was no change in the weather other than the fog rising a few hundred metres higher. We paid our ticket and made our way to the hill. Interestingly enough there was special parking for the Utes, FPV Club, HSV Club and the Subaru WRX Club. In an instant, the Torries became Holden Special Vehicles and we were given tickets to park trackside. What luck!

The racing was good, and despite the HSV Club not showing up, the two lone Torries stood up the FPV Club, drawing more attention than the numerous computer controlled and built chariots!

The weather didn't change too much, and no conversation was to be had, with Pat, Kevin & Clare electing to stay in their cars, out of the wind, tuned into the commentary on the local track broadcast.

Peter Brock wasn't at Wakefield due to being in Athens with the Olympic Team. Nevertheless, both Nathan Pretty and James Brock took the good fight to Stokell's Lambroghini. Leanne Ferrier was also racing in her Team Toyota Corolla. Poor Alan Grice may be looking for sponsors for the rest of the season in his ute after 3 utes decided to try and drive through the side of his car as he got sideways big-time coming onto the main straight (we couldn't actually see that from where we were).

Pat left early to tend to the wife's castle, with Kevin & Clare following later, via a stop at the local Golden Arches Gormet Eatery.

Cars Attending:-
Pat SL/R 5000
Kevin & Clare LJ 4-dr

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