Weston Park BBQ

13th April 2003

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Gerry's SL/R 5000

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LC 308 2 Door

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Trevor's SL/R 5000

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Pat's SL/R 5000

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Amanda's SLR

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Phils LH


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Weston Park


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The Kids Had A
Great Time!!


Groupshots At Lotus Bay

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BBQ at Weston Park

I won’t go on about this run too much, which in no way belies the quality of the run. We had a BBQ, talked, cruised and went home fully relaxed, maybe too relaxed.

With rain forecast for the day, we all waited pensively at Old Parliament House! At about 11:45 the heavens opened up, and the cars were drenched. Despite the rain, we decided to push on with the run, good decision.

Arriving at Weston Park, we were greeted by a whole bunch of EH Holdens (The EJ-EH Club). Also a light blue V8 LJ travelling with them, with chaser rims. We tried to squeeze a space under the covered area with their club, but as you can imagine, in such weather conditions, these sorts of spaces become pretty popular.

Anyway, we found a table that was relatively dry, and were blessed with dry weather for the duration of the BBQ. We all had turns in minding the kids or the BBQ, as once again, the littlens outnumber the oldies.

The Club providing the BBQ, and drinks seemed to work well, with $5.00 for oldies, kids free, and drinks at $1.00 a can of coke. Everyone reported being fairly full on departure from the park.

We took the opportunity to do our photo shoot at Lotus Bay, prior to heading off for a short run, prior to trying to make it home for the V8 Supercar telecast, but not before a cruise through Civic and Manuka, prior to dispersing.

We came across some sort of anti-war protest near the British High Commission on Commonwealth Avenue, but didn’t look back to see if the noise from the V8’s quelled the action. Travelling back to Manuka, we had to make a last minute turn to avoid Commonwealth Avenue, and headed for Kings Avenue Bridge.

Gerry attended the run with his daughter Melanie. He had driven his new acquisition from Sydney on the Saturday, and made a welcome addition to our run. You won’t find an LX SL/R 5000 much more original than this car, right down to the David Jones (Houndstooth) upholstery.

Laurie, Club Pres was an apology due to his work commitments at the Royal Easter Show, and the Hariets with golfing commitments.

As for others, who knows, but I’m sure the dodgey weather played a part. Nevertheless, six cars was a good turnout.

Cars Attending:-
Trevor, Tracey, Tamika, James LH L-34
Amanda and Mike - LH SL/R 4-dr
Vish - LX 4-dr
Phil, Jamie and Maddison - LH 4-dr
Gerry and Melanie - LX SL/R 5000
Pat, Robyn, Madeline, Emily & Ainslie - LH SL/R 5000

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