Wheels Expo

7th March 2004


Laurie's A9X

Mike's LC 2 Door

John's LJ 2 Door

Bryan's UC


Jeremy's SL/R 5000


Amanda's LH


Dean & Janice LX

Gerry's SL/R5000


Alan & Jan's LH


Pat's SL/R5000

Trevor's L34


Jamie's LH


Vish's LH

Rod's SL/R5000

Matt's Hatch

Shaun's LX

A great display!


Watching the F1 race

Getting some shade

Merc club

Old steam engines

Very old and running!!

Rolls club

Vintage club

Mini club

Old fire engines

Inside a speed camera van

Operating the camera

Very interesting!!



Shannon’s Wheels Expo 2004

After a wet night and Skyfire the night before, it was a damp, yet not raining start to the day, meeting up at KFC Canberra Avenue at, argh, 7:30am on Sunday morning. From the rendezvous point, it was clear that this was going to be an impressive showing from the club, with 19 Toranas making their way to the venue.

Driving out in front, both lanes of Wentworth Avenue where filled with Toranas, along with Dave’s Corolla and Graham & Susie’s Nissan GT-R Skyline (the same model that raced at Bathurst).

Somehow we lost Amanda and Trevor on the way to the venue. We pulled up in front of the National Gallery to wait for them to catch up. Even with this road, there were cars backed up all the way back to Kings Terrace. It was a long run from the front to the back of the line.

Arriving at the venue, we parked the cars alongside the Sydney Torana Club Southern Branch, till we took in the total extent of the display area, and developed a display plan. Once we established that, it was a matter of setting up the cars for the day. The popularity of the event was clear, with a large number of people milling around and asking questions, even before the final clean-up and polish of the cars was complete.

We set-up the shade structures, and pulled out the BBQ ready for breakfast. Breakfast went well, with bacon and eggs being served in no time, while Pat & Trevor headed off to man the road blocks on Kings Terrace for an hour, along with Lj, David and Joe on the other end. The only hitch, was the gas bottle running out, kerbing the breakfast activities, while a refill was sourced.

The display was very popular all day, with the interest from the public being shown in Mat’s 350 Corvette powered hatchback and Graham & Suzie’s Nissan Skyline.

Cars debuting included Laurie’s new A9X, Graham & Suzie’s Nissan Skyline, and Rod’s SL/R 5000.

Most car clubs in Canberra were on display, including the static engine display, fire engines, and the speed camera van! I couldn’t see any of our members cars on the photos on display!

A good day, and an impressive display of the clubs growing stature, congratulations all. A total display of 21 cars, all members, good going.

Cars Attending:-
Pat – LH SL/R 5000 (Ole Yella)
Bryan – UC
Lj Joe & Jan – LJ
Trevor – LH SL/R 5000 L34 + Club Trailer
Cameron & Garry – LC
Mike - LC
Amanda & Wooley – LH
Jeremy & Rose – LH SL/R 5000
Dean & Janice – LX
Gerry – LX SL/R 5000
Alan – LH
Jamie & Phil – LH
Vish – LH
Rod – LX (Take 1)
Rod – LH SL/R 5000 (Take 2)
Matt – LX Hatch
Shaun & Vanessa – LX
Laurie – A9X Hatch
Kevin & Luke - LJ 4 Door
Graham & Suzie – Nissan Skyline
David - Corolla

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