Wood Reserve – Camp Torana
14-15 January 2006

A hot start to the first run for the year with the mercury pushing over 35 degrees. We were amused waiting at the Lanyon Shops to see a shade structure high in the sky that decided it really wanted to be a kite. Those things don’t fly too badly at all. Beside a couple of latecomers, it was a prompt and swift drive to our destination just out of Canberra, Woods Reserve, complete with the Red Heeler, Barney..

We did a quick lap around the campgrounds to find the best spot to set up camp for the night. Decided, on our preferred location, we struck camp. Luckily it was nice and cool up in the Mountains, a pleasant and refreshing surprise.

Unfortunately the code for accessing the amenities block didn’t work. After a bit of thinking, and no answer on the other numbers, we gave Marty a call. Luckily he had access to the current numbers, and also knew a few other secrets. Thanks Marty, you are a lifesaver. Marty and his son Shane also dropped out for dinner and a few drinks, before heading back home.

After setting up camp and quenching our thirst, a few eager beavers and a hoard of kids went and explored the creek. Must have been water there, as a few returned all wet, and others with mud.

The BBQ was located a fair way from the camp area & amenities block (located at either end of the reserve). Before it got too dark (previous experience) we decided to get in while it was still light and cook dinner. A good feed was had by all.

With the formalities of dinner out of the way, the stereo was cranked up, the fire lit, and a good evening was spent chatting around the fire.

Before we knew it, it was 1:30am, time to hit the hay.

In the morning, the hills were alive with the sound of …… not music, ….. but flies!!! We sat around like stunned mullet for a while, while we regained our faculties. The mutt was a bit feisty. Some ate breakfast, some didn’t. Others just jumped in their cars and headed home, obviously not a morning person. Alive and refreshed finally, we packed up camp and headed off home.

A good time was had by all.

Tanya, Jason & Phil – LX
Amanda, Mike, Nathan & Barney – LH
Pat, Robyn, Madeline & Emily – LH
Gary – VR Commodore
Maree, Steve, Michelle, Casey and Evy – VR Commodore
Craig, Karlee, & Tom – Commodore
Marty & Shane – VH Commodore

© Copyright 2006 Canberra Torana Club Inc.