WSID Nitro Champs
5th and 6th of May 2007


Picked up Brett at 6.15am Saturday Morning and headed to Phil’s place to pick him up. Met Laurie, Brett, Alex and Scott out on the Federal Highway with his car load and headed off into the sunrise. We decided to stop at the Arches on the way where we had the usual Bacon and Egg rolls.

It was then onto Sydney and don’t spare the horses.

We headed up the M7 and then onto the M4 to reach our accommodation. I have only been to the place once and this was via the Northern Road. Least to say we got a bit lost. All those country roads look the same! However after a bit of scouting around, we eventually arrived and unloaded the contents of our vehicles.

The accommodation was excellent. A Hut that sleeps about 25 for all 9 of us.

After settling in, it was straight to the drags to see what was happening. On our arrival the first point of call was the pits to see what machinery was on display. Mind blowing! Top Fuelers, Top Alcohol and every category down to street. Some very very serious machinery on hand.

The fastest Lambo in the world. (see photos)

After sampling the racing wares we found a half decent spot to watch some of the minor heats amoungst the street catagories and alcohol cars. That took us upto about 7pm when the big boys came out to play.

I don’t know if you have ever experienced a top fueler going past you at 200 miles an hour before but it is something that I cannot be described that accurately. It is a little like standing next to an F111 at full bore. Your head nearly gets blown off your body your entire body vibrates and your ears hurt from the noise. If you decide to go and watch them any time, I strongly recommend a set of ear plugs!

This has to be one of the best weekends I have spent around cars. Brilliant!

After the event we went back to our accommodation via the local grog shop to pick up some well earned liquid refreshments. We sat up until 3.45am talking about the event we had just been to.

It was shortly after retirement that the chain saws started to work. Phil reckons Laurie woke up the next morning with the curtains sucked up his nose! Now that’s snoring!

Brett reckons I was not much Better. All I can say is, “Red Red w……ine stay close to m……..e”.

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