Canberra Torana Club
Xmas Party 2003
@ The Kambah Adventure Playground

13th December 2003


Christmas Party Do!
The Year that Was….

What a perfect day for the Christmas Party. Although it started a bit on the hot side, the weather quickly cooled for a most enjoyable day at the Kambah Adventure Playground.

It all started at Parliament House, where Kevin dropped in to say hello before heading off. We headed off via the lake, and the triathlon course. Pat managed to loose two cars on the run to Kambah somewhere in Woden, however travelling a more direct route, met us there.

Others met up with us at the Kambah Adventure Playground. It seemed a popular site, with a couple of other Christmas Parties happening at the same time. Shaun, Vanessa and Ben also joined us for the first time.

The kids were entertained by the Jumping Castle that Laurie organised. Due to liability issues, we had to limit the jumping to Club kids, although there were various adults on there at different times during the day.

We sat down to a BBQ lunch/dinner, and handed out the trophies for the year.

The new club BBQ was put to good use, as did the Club Cricket set supplied by Mike.

Of course the day could not go astray without a ride on the flying foxes.

The Awards were as follows:-

• Trophies for the pointscore.
o 1st Place – Pat
o 2nd Place – Mike
o 3rd Place – Phil
• Awards:-
o Best pick up Award – Trevor (All the runs!)
o Loose Nuts Award – John W. (Binalong Run)
o Burn out on the Inside Award – Lj (Binalong Run)
o Emergency Break Down Award – Amanda (lighter under seat – Moruya Run)
o Loose Wheels/Mr Sheen Award – Laurie
o Courageous Driver Award – Gerry and the BMW
o Top Kids Pointscore Award – Nathan
o Encouragement Award – Gerry
o Red Hot Lover Award – Fabio
o Helping Hand Award – Vish (Always available to help)
o Tail Pipe Award – Pops
o Club Mum Award – Jan
o Most Engines in One Year Award – Rod (One rebuild and one transplant)
o Quiet Achiever Award – Kevin & Luke
o Hot Seat Award – Jamie (Road in just about every car)
o Teflon Award – Joe (you can put shit on him but it don’t stick, he’s too cool)
o Most Creative Paint Job – David Bolin (Toranafest trip)

• Lucky Hat Prizes:-
o Capital Steering and Suspension Prize 1 - Jan
o Capital Steering and Suspension Prize 2 - Jodie
o Performance Plus Computer Analysis - Tane
o Holden Seat Belt Covers - Shaun

Committee’s Christmas Message
A special thank you for all club members for their support throughout the year. Being on the committee is a thankless task, however the constant enthusiasm and support of everyone in the club makes the task well worthwhile. A special thank you to our partners and families for their support behind the scenes.

The first year has been important in developing the club, which has seen us acquire various items like the BBQ and other odds and ends to make next years run’s more enjoyable.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Drive safe, and we’ll see you all at the Summernats.

Let’s to it all again next year………

Rana On!

© Copyright 2003 Canberra Torana Club.