Xmas Party
Sunday 12th December 2010


CTC 2010 Christmas Party

Well what can I say....What a great day and what a great turn out!  This would have to be one of, if not, the biggest Christmas parties the CTC has ever held.  It was excellent to see so many torana's parked in the car park, 13 in all and about 30 or so members attend.  I guess it reflects what a great year the club has had!   The club is really moving ahead and membership is really growing.  It is great to see so many cars out and about again!

Anyway, the day was very enjoyable.  We kicked off at 11.00am and as usual a lovely BBQ was put on by the club.  It was a huge spread of BBQ meat, prawns, chicken and a multitude of salads.  Don't think there were any complaints about the food! :-).  Thanks to Pete for helping out with the cooking, it is always greatly appreciated by the committee when members help out with proceedings. 

After lunch the committee held the annual trophy presentations.  There were 4 trophy's in all and 2 appreciation awards.  First up we had 3 trophy's for the 3 highest point scorers, where a tally of points is kept for members when they attend club meetings and club runs over the course of the year.  I was lucky enough to receive 3rd place, much to my surprise!  2nd place went to Craig B and the winner for the year with the most club run and meeting attendances was the Vice President, Craig W.  Well done Craig. 

Next up there was the club encouragement award.  This is always a hard one to pick.  It generally is for a member who has achieved something over the year that goes unrecognised by most.  Let's say the quiet achiever award!  This year the trophy was awarded to Kev.  He has been a long standing member of the club and has always had good attendance to meetings and runs with either his lovely yellow UC hatch or his tidy red 4 door LJ.  Both his cars are kept in top order and provide variety to the club cars!  Well done Kev, you really deserved your award!

Next award was an appreciation award to a club sponser.  This year it went to Steve B who is the resident Sodablast man. Steve has helped several members out over the course of the year as well a generously donated to the club.  Thanks heaps Steve, we love having you in the club.  The second appreciation award went to Brett R.  Brett is the club handy man and has a multitude of mechanical and paining skills that are regularly called upon by members.  This year alone he has helped 4 or 5 members get their car back on the road in tip top condition.  Again we really appreciate the generosity of Brett as he has limited time on his hands but always manages to find time to help out.  Thanks mate!

After the awards we held the club raffle.  Sponsors provided a multitude of prizes for the raffle and there was heaps for everyone.  It was successful as usual with many members ending up with a nice prize to either put under the Christmas tree or use on their own car.  Thanks goes out to all sponsors that helped out with a donation of a prize!

Well to finish up, the day was again most enjoyable.  The kids were allowed to run amuck at the playground while the adults relaxed with a quiet wine or beer.  The day was a great success and enjoyed by all.

I would like to finish up for the year by saying a big thankyou to all club members for their participation over the course of the year.  The members are what make the club so successful and it is appreciated by all of us committee members.  I would also like to extend a big thankyou to the club sponsors for proving funding to the club to keep it financial.  It is greatly appreciated.  Finally, please have a safe and enjoyable Christmas  and New Year and we will see you all next January for the first club BBQ of the year!

Take care,
Gerry Ward
CTC Run Coordinator

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