Christmas in July
Saturday 28th July 2007



Christmas in July
Saturday 28th July 2007
What an absolute fantastic night and if you couldn’t make it well sorry but you certainly missed out on a – well fantastic night.
We all met at the Lanyon Club, were seated at our tables and began engaging in social chit chat with one another. Even Amanda’s boys Lachlan and Lucas were very much up for being passed around and soaking up the many cuddles they each received by everyone. The older Children had a great time opening up their Goodies Bags which contained a little gift and a few lollies.
Maree happened to spot Mark Bevan enjoying ale with a friend. Although not attending the Dinner, dressed in his best attire - his work clothes, dropped into the restaurant to say hello to everyone and wish us all a Merry Christmas.
The next thing was what to order. Do we go with the juicy rump steak or settle for the good ole Chinese Dinner. In the end it turned out a bit of both was ordered. The Children opting for the normal dinner diet of Chips, Nuggets or a huge Chicken Snitzual. Steve didn’t think Nathan would be able to manage such a huge piece of chicken. Well done to Nathan who proved Steve wrong and ate everything on the plate.
After Dinner, the social chit chat opened up once again along with the exchanging of gifts between the adults. The children ventured around the room blowing large amounts of bubbles and sharing them with some other children also dinning in the restaurant. Some of them must have been still hungry as they were trying to catch the bubbles and eat them.
In the Background, Saint George was playing against the Bulldogs. Both Gerry and Maree were cheering on the Saints who were leading the game most of the way until the Bulldogs caught up. This then lead to several comments made by Michelle (Maree’s Daughter) who was barracking for the Bulldogs.
As the night came to an end some of us said our Goodbyes due to babies getting restless and the older Children becoming over excited and headed off for home.

Maree, Steve and tribe
Lawrie, Tane, Aidan, Imogen and Matthew
Craig, Ann, Tom and Carly
Mike, Amanda, Nathan, Lucas and Lachlan
Brett and Tina
Phil, Martin and Norma
Dean, Jenine
Thanks to all for attending

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