AMF Bowling Belconnen Run

AMF Bowling Belconnen Run

AMF Bowling Belconnen Run 18 June 2017.

A bright Sunday morning saw 25 eager bowlers line up to try their hand at knocking down the pins.

There was a lovely mix of “newer” members and their families and the usual suspects. The friendly rivalry started early with jovial “miss” comments and best score numbers from previous games touted. A number of the children used the bowling ramp and bumpers to great success, Miss Imogen B in particular in winning the first game on her lane. I think she was our youngest bowler.

During the second game the younger members where distracted by the flashing lights of the games area and having had enough of bowling for the moment, the adults were equally distracted with chatting, swapping playing positions, baby hugs and cringing at the playing technique of other bowlers around us. I hope the floor survived.

Unfortunately, I am unable to give the final player scores as I’ve found that the printouts are incorrect, I only checked on the lane numbers not all the player names as well and there are errors. I am sure all attended would agree it was the fun in having a go rather than the numbers of pins down.

Bowlers attending,

Chris & Sharon with Abbey and Imogen

Lawrie & Aiden

Jason & Tanya with Xavier and Taylor

Steve G with Bruno

Cade with Corey and Rhys

Craig B

Paul & Laureen

Mick & Karen with Deanna, Jemma and Mackenzie

Mark R & Nicole