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Bredbo Pub Run

CTC Bredbo Pub Run

Hi all

On Sunday we had a makeshift run to the Bredbo Pub to replace the Nelligen Coast run . It was fantastic to see so many members jump on board this run. All up we had 30 turn up which well and truly filled the little restaurant.

The majority of members initially met up at the Woolies Sevo at Hume for an 11.30 departure to Bredbo. 15 minutes up the road they met with a few of us locals from Royalla where we tied in with convoy to Bredbo.

The drive is a nice half hour cruise along the Monaro Hwy. At Williamsdale we passed the memorial of the very unlucky fellow who was tragically killed on Friday morning while participating in a cycle relay. Seeing these roadside memorials really hits home and makes you realise that life is so precious and something to not take for granted. Condolences to the family and friends of this poor fellow from Britain.

During the journey Mark Rowley did his best to filter in and out of the convoy of cars to allow Phil to take some footage of the trip. At one stage I thought he was actually trying to get into the boot of my car he was that close, but that said, he thinks he is a race car driver now so surely knows what he is doing J…thanks for your efforts Marky….any excuse to drive like Fangio hey!

We arrived at the Bredbo Pub at about 12.10pm. We shuffled our cars as best as possible in the front car park at the pub. There were literally too many cars to fit in the car park, which isn’t a bad thing really, but posed a few problems initially. All up I counted 13 cars which is the best turn out we have had for quite some time. And to boot, a new car to add to the club roster as well. Fantastic to see!

Lunch was booked for 12.30 so shortly after arriving everyone pretty much settled at a table and went about ordering their meals. The menu was a typical pub menu and ticked most boxes. Naturally a few “light beers” were downed and the odd bottle of wine had by the ladies. The kids all seemed to have fun too and explored the venue and outside areas to keep their boredom at bay.

After a couple of relaxing hours and a good meal, it was time to head back to Canberra. Thanks very Much to Steve and his crew at the Bredbo Pub for well and truly accommodating our group. We’ll be back again in time to revisit.

Thanks to all that attended and made it a great day.

See you all at the next run.

Cheers, Gerry

Toranas at the Bredbo Pub Run

Craig B – LX Sedan
Craig W – LH SL/R 5000
Tulio – LH Sedan
Brad H – LX Hatch
Gerry – LH Sedan
Peggy – LX Hatch
Steve B – SS Hatch
Paul H – LX Hatch
Mark R – LX Sedan
Ivan – SL/R 5000
Herbie – A9X Sedan
Sam – LX Sedan
Rob – SL/R 5000

Everyone that attended the Bredbo Pub Run
Tulio & Sharon
Gerry & Belinda
Graig & Anne W
Craig & Helen B
Steve & Helen
Cade & Bridgit
Paul H
Lawrie & Tane
Ivan & Anna
Peggy & Dale
Mark R
and a lot of kids!!